Values & Goals


    •    Public health
    •    Quality of life
    •    Environmental justice
    •    Environmental integrity (clean air, water & land)
    •    Community involvement & authority in decision-making
    •    Community sustainability
    •    Sustainable economic development
    •    Community preparedness (for immediate events & long term i.e. global climate change)
    •    Meaningful civic engagement

Without a set of goals, there’s no objective evaluation of our success as an organization. Outlined here are the goals of the Healthy Texas Ports network.
    1.    To improve our ability to successfully pursue individual advocacy aims within the communities we serve and for the greater Texas coast.
    2.    To improve the ability of state and national level groups, initiatives or events to access a more well-connected network of advocates along the Texas coast while also increasing Texas coastal community participation in the formation of national level initiatives and aims.
    3.    To increase the level of financial and technical support available to port area community-based organizations along the Texas coast.