There are many injustices, opportunities and challenges facing our Texas Ports. Within each community, there are measured and unique responses that can be found. However, state-wide as a coalition, we have some broader responses that are uniform and cross-cultural

    •    Improve the dissemination of information, events and opportunities across involved communities.
    •    Improve our ability to “cross educate” member organizations and individuals about the goals, tactics, resources, status and successes of other member organizations.
    •    Develop and advocate for “best practices” across Texas coastal communities (i.e. best practices for community notification and preparedness, best practices for port authority decision-making).
    •    Offer unified support across member organizations for the actions or objectives of a single member organization which align with the agreed upon priorities of the network.
    •    Offer a unified vision of our Texas coastal community.
    •    Develop same or similar policy asks and demands from those in power.
    •    Provide much improved infrastructure for our objectives to climb up to national priorities and also to use the same structure to funnel national priorities down to communities.
    •    Encourage voting and civic participation.
    •    Focus advocacy on local centers of decision-making and authority – e.g. port authorities, municipal and county government, COGs, local transportation planning authorities, chambers of commerce, etc.